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Goo Hye Sun's Japan Interview (09/07/09)

Hwang Yong Hee Reporter of Asia Economy News interviewed GHS alone in Japan, perhaps after the BOF Premier Event. Her news article is posted on Sept 7, 2009 at 1:30 PM.

Headline: 구혜선 일본 인터뷰,"항상 저는 새로운 것을 꿈꾸고, 또 새롭게 세상을 바라봅니다"
Headline: GHS Japan Interview, "I always dream new dreams, and I look at the world in a new way."

Reporter Hwang noticed in GHS' face so much happiness and excitement when she met her in Yokohama. It must be because she is at the location of the BOF fan meeting and because of her successful ending of the concert with Isao Sasaki of her own compositions. Reporter met with Goo on the 7th of September at the Yokohama Intercontinental Grand Hotel for a special interview on her "hopes and dreams".

If the drama BOF is the masterpiece that created GHS, her collaborative musical work with Isao Sasaki lays the foundation for GHS as the movie maker and artist. The result of such collaboration is her CD Breathe, which will set the tone for her new musical movie....

GHS has been talking much and spreading the news about her passion to make a movie. She has already perfected the script for her movie tentatively titled, . There is much more work to be done to make the movie a reality. She must get more investors, must do some PR work to secure actors/actresses, and,basically, there are tons to do. "However, such work in itself makes me very happy and very excited for what is yet to come!"

Regarding her collaboration with Isao Sasaki, GHS states, "I still cannot fully realize what happened! But, I learned so much and I was able to fully satisfy within myself different types of expectations that I had. I also feel relieved and happy that I have prepared the musical foundation for my future movie. The new CD titled is a result of 20 years of work and preparation. I may not have received professional training, but I have loved working and playing music for a very long time."

(She must have started learning to play piano when she was either 5 or 6 years old!!)

GHS stated that, although she may have the global structure for her movie ready, however, it may take her some time to really concretize and finalize all the details. She has yet to meet a satisfactory investor and she must go after full-scale for the lead actor/actress.

GHS is totally against turning herself into both director and the lead for her movie at the same time. "I still do not fully believe in myself. I still need to study a little more. Challenging myself to direct a movie itself is an incredible uphill battle for me, but to also act in such a scenario is close to impossible".

GHS, as most people know, initially dreamed of becoming a singer. She does have a beautiful voice for singing. "However, while I was producing my CD BREATHE, I realized few things."

"I was going to sing my own song for the CD. However, when I heard Gummy-ssi sing my title song, , I realized that professional singers are definitely different. I can sing but the professionals can breathe the life into a song and make a difference."

"Because of the success of BOF, I am invited to many places. Coming to an event like this was also an invitation. That is why I travel a lot and see so many new things. Yokohama is a beautiful and relaxiing city. The city is so well organized. Due to BOF, many people recognize me and, for that, I am very happy. With more opportunities and invitations, I hope to travel more and to see and learn more."

"But, due to the breakout of various types of flues, I feel bad that many promotional activities have been cancelled. This past spring in Taiwan, they were planning to have a 'shake hands' promotional event. But such event can easily and possibly pass the unwanted virus and so such events were cancelled. So far, as many as 4 or 5 promotional activities including Philippines (how sad!) and Thailand have been cancelled for me."

"No matter what, I am always thankful for each day" GHS is a passionate and extremely hard-working person who tries her best. Through the interview with GHS, this reporter felt that hope comes from dealing with every new challenge.Reporter also senses the power of Korean Entertainment Industry rushing towards GHS's dedication to her dreams and the reporter dreams of "POWER GHS".

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English Translation by susamerica@soompi.com

HEADLINE: '금잔디' 구혜선은 'F4를 어떻게 생각했나?…일본고백
HEADLINE: How does the "Geum Jan Di" Goo Hye Sun really think of F4?---Confession in Japan

황용희 기자hee21@asiae.co.kr Hwang Yong Hee Reporter of Asia Economy News
기사입력2009.09.06 21:45최종수정2009.09.06 21:54 13 1 Reported on Sept. 6, 2009

구혜선(왼쪽서 3번째)이 6일 일본 요코하마에서 열린 '꽃남 이벤트'에서 F4들의 장점을 설명, 일본팬들을 즐겁게 했다.
GHS (third from left) made the Japan fans happy at the Yokohama BOF Event on the 6th by describing F4's positive qualities.

'금잔디' 구혜선이 6일 밤 멋진 노래로 일본 팬들을 사로 잡았다.
'Geum Jan Di' Goo Hye Sun also captured the hearts of Japan fans with her charming song.

6일 일본 요코하마 국립대홀에서 열린 드라마 '꽃보다 남자'(이하 '꽃남')의 프리미엄 이벤트 본행사에서 구혜선은 멋진 노래와 재기 넘치는 대화로 한국 연예인과 일본 팬들간의 '멋진 소통'을 일귀냈다.
BOF Premier Event was held at the Yokohama's National Grand Hall. GHS not only sang beautifully but also interacted beautifully with the Japan fans with her overflowing witty converstion.

일 본내 이벤트그룹인 IMX(Interactive Media Mix)가 '꽃남' 제작사인 그룹 에이트와 손잡고 펼친 6일 이벤트에서 구혜선은 자신이 작곡한 거미의 곡 '골목을 돌면'을 뛰어난 가창력으로 불러 일본 팬들을 깜짝 놀라게 했다.
This event was a result of the collaboration of the Japan-based Event Group called IMX and the BOF Producers called Group Eight Production Company. GHS sang the song that she composed herself called, . The singer Gummy sings her song. Her outstanding singing ability really surprised the Japan fans.

이날 행사는 구혜선과 함께 이민호 김현중 김준 김범 등 '꽃남' 출연진들이 모두 출연, 한바탕 멋진 파티를 만들어냈다.
This event turned into a one incredible party for GHS along with LMH, KHJ, KJ, KB and other BOF casts.

구혜선은 신화그룹의 집사로 분한 두 일본 MC의 질문에 소신껏 답했고, 가끔 능청스럽게 '조크'도 더해 이벤트홀을 가득 메운 4000여 일본 팬들에게 큰 박수를 받았다.
GHS gave her honest opinions and answers to the questions of the two Event MC's who turned themselves into Shin Hwa Group's stewards. GHS also at times added sly jokes along with her answers that further excited over 4000 fans and brought much applause from them. (WOW, our girl was a MEGA hit!!)

구 혜선은 'F4' 멤버들의 장점을 소개해 달라는 MC의 부탁에 "이민호는 매너가 좋았고, 잘 챙긴다", 또 김현중은 "무뚝뚝하지만 남자답고 멋지다"고 말했다. 또 김범은 "많은 여자들에게 인기가 있을 타입이다. 극중 소이정과 비슷할 만큼 멋있다"고 진단했고, 김준은 "생각이 깊고, 매사에 친절하게 잘 이끌어줬다"며 각자의 장점을 조리있게 설명했다.
The MC asked her to state the positive qualities of F4 members. Her response was very eloquent.
"LMH has nice manners and takes care of things really well. KHJ may be blunt but very manly and charming. KB is a type of person to be very popular among the ladies like the character So Yi Jung whom he acted in BOF. LIke So Yi Jung, KB is just as charming. KJ is deeply considerate and facilitates everything on a daily basis with much kindness."

또 자신의 성격은 "극중 금잔디와 잘 먹는 것은 비슷하지만 적극적인 것은 다른 것 같다"고 말했고, 피부 관리에 대해서는 "물을 많이 먹고, 스트레스를 안 받으려고 최대한 노력한다"고 살짝 말했다.
In terms of her own true character, "BOF Geum Jandi and I are similar in that we like to eat well, however, I am not all that positive or progressive. Regarding good skin care, she gently commented: " drink a lot of water and try to deal with stress well"

그는 이와함께 최근 음악 미술 등 다양한 활동을 하는데 대해 "영화는 종합예술이다. 그래서 꼭 영화를 만들어내 보고 싶다"며 "일본에서도 내가 만든 영화가 개봉되길 기원해 본다"고 말해 일본 팬들의 박수를 받았다.
Regarding her current activities in art, music and many others, she said that, "movie is a comprehensive art. That is why I sincerely want to make a movie. I hope and pray that when I make my movie, I can also show the movie in Japan." The Japanese fans responded with applause

credits: pinkfairy/susamerica/nina67@soompi.com


  1. Ku Hye Sun , You should sing not Gummy. You know why I here you sing on Youtube, you have a good voice don't be scare beleive in your self. Here the following shows you sing, nonstop 5, Greese, Cheoun Cheorea CF commercials,YDH love letter show, Hana peppermint show, concert with MC Mong, a lot on games shows, song of Kim Kwang Seok "For the Reason of Love', Tour Les Jour Cf with Rain, Boy Flower you sing and play piano at same time, at your home sing and play piano too, and at Pure 19 drama. You have a good voice, don't listen to everybody. I hope next time next cd you are the one sing not some one else. That your cd. Your voice is sweet to listen , Just do it. We believe in you

  2. If someone have fancam while Goo Hye Sun singing can you post and a lot of people want to hear it.

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