Friday, September 04, 2009

Goo Hye Sun & Yoon Sang Hyun for Somang CF

FYI: this is the standard commercial info~ Beauty Credit is promoting their eye cream for men and is made with steamed red ginseng, They introduce their new male model, Yoon Sang Hyun. Bet Sept 15th~Oct 31, people will get FREE eye cream gift set with a special coupon found in a magazine.

Now for the funny and interesting: To the right of the pix of HS and Yoon, HS says in the CF that "men's wrinkles are a sign of not only age but their playboy trait."

I am sure there is more sophisticated term than 'playboy trait'. However, it is the best fitting term for what I was thinking when I read the CF motto. I just thought it funny because, first, it is a strong warning to men to take care of their wrinkles! (hahaha!)

Second, I have a feeling Beauty Credit is going to use their CF's not only to promote but to tell ongoing and developing stories about their two character models; HS will play a sly and manipulative heroine who scares her potential mate, played by Yoon, to never dare fool around her?? (hahaha!).

Third, I wonder if Beauty Credit took the idea from GHS who has been saying at least for the past 9~10 months that her ideal man is somebody with "consistent/ moral loyalty to all relationships with great manners"??? (hahaha!)

CF Translation by

Yoon: A man's wrinkle/crease is his charm. Isn't that so?!
GHS: A man's crease simply symbolizes his age (Yoon appears worried) and his 'playboy trait' only.
Yoon: (surprised and worried look)
Narrator: Containing steamed red ginseng, RGII takes away any worries about wrinkles for men.

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