Tuesday, September 08, 2009

FanCam Vids on BOF Premium Event in Japan

credits: meow13131313/migi0607@youtube.com


  1. Did anybody take fancam or vedio while Ku Hye Sun sing. I hope someone post it with sub. She don't have a lot pictures. After the conference did they go back to korea bec. no news from them anymore.
    Hope someone fancam will post her while she sing her latest album.

  2. Hi! I'm also waiting for a fancam vid of GHS's performance but cant find one yet.. Too bad, she equally deserves the same attention..There some interviews Ive posted but no vids yet.

  3. yes, I notice more Lee Min Ho and also kim Hyun Joong. It look like this the only person F-4. It look not fair for Kim Joon , Kim Bum and Ku Hye Sun. They don't put their interviews and they sing too. Hope someone put and their fans can read some news to them. They need equal exposure any way they give also credit to this drama to be successful not only Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong.