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MinSun Sighting at BOF Premium Event in Japan (09/06/09)

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The purpose of this press conference was to promote the BOF DVD and the F4 Photo Collection called SOFF or Story Of Flower Four. The conference was attended by, as seen in the pictures, LMH, GHS, KB and KJ. KHJ, as we know, was sick with a bad cold and resting in the hotel room. It has been about 5 months since the last time that they all got together for the promotion of BOF in April, 2009.

In terms of the DVD, LMH stated that DVD contained NG's and filming scenes to keep the fans interest. GHS stated that the DVD contained many pretty places in Korea as seen in the drama and which may entice the fans to come and visit Korea. KB and KJ talked about SOFFbooklets that would introduce the F4 in their more natural and normal styles instead of the grand, BOF drama, F4 styles. Both the DVD and the SOFF were on sale at the Fan Meeting for 4800yen.

After the press conference, the actors participated in the photo session and later at 7PM the BOF cast will attend the Premier Second Day Fan Meeting, joined by KHJ as well. One of the photos of LMH and GHS received much attention from the fans due to the similar color and style of dressing--their black suit and dress.

(I think, to balance things out, GHS wore white or slightly pinkish dress to match the similar color suit of KHJ at the Premier Second Day Fan Meeting??)

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