Saturday, August 29, 2009

Updates on Lee Min Ho

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1. MH's short interview was aired on MBC Section TV last night. He was interviewed on the 27th.

The fraud case of LMH's fan meeting in Thailand ranked second in the hot news this week.
MH : That is a fraudulent and assertive behavior that advertised falsely a performance which will never happen.

Reporter: How would that happen if the popularity of LMH weren't at the peak?^^

2. Yesterday(28th), one fan asked MH's agency on the phone if MH would attend the M-net 20's Choice Award Ceremony, one staff at his agency answered that MH had another schedule last night but the schedule could be changed anytime. So we expected a bit MH would show up in M-net 20's Choice Award Ceremony or T-max concert. But MH didn't attend both of the two events.

3. On the 27th, some fans posted on DC gall that a kiss scene of MH and Dara beside Han river and a scene of their putting arms around each other's shoulders were filmed for Cass CF.^^

4. New
Etude House CF aired on MNET on 08/28/09

5. LMH's greetings on the pre-recorded video clip aired at Kim Rae Won Japan Fan meeting on April 25th, 2009.

Hello, I am Lee Min Ho
Thank you for attending KRW's fan meeting.
I ask you guys always to give a huge support and encouragement to KRW

I heard he would enter the military service.
Because we will not be able to see his acting for 2 years,
I am so sad and will miss him so much as one of his fans.

I hope he will spend the time well in the army with good health.
Until then, I will always support and pray for him

6. In the mini fan meeting of Dunkin event,

One fan asked MH "What would you say if you give a coffee to your girl friend ?
I will say, "try it!! (shortly).."because I am relatively a blunt person"
(after saying it, MH burst out laughing)

So suppose you give a coffee to customers?
Then, "Would you please try this?" (politely)

MH is so humble that he doesn't seem blunt.

I think MH was shy about pretending to talk to his girlfriend in front of the audience(fans).^^

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