Monday, August 10, 2009

[Star Shot] Have you seen make-not-up Gu Jun-Pyo? (08/09/09)

Posted on Sportseoul, reporter Lee Seunghoon, 2009-08-09

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I've posted some photos taken by me after a long time. The hero of photos is LMH who has created 'Gu Junpyo Syndrome' through the drama 'BOF'. LMH has made a sensation as Gu Junpyo of BOF. He gained popularity with hair perm in the BOF. However, LMH's hair looked ordinary in today's photos. It looked as natural as if he just woke up and washed his hair. Maybe, it's hard for many of LMH fans to see his hair style like it.

His fashion also looked very comfortable. It looked like he went to a convenient shop to buy a snack. A white short T-shirt, black short pants and sneakers....LMH who shows off a superior stature showed up a model pose even though he wore a ordinary clothing.

Let's see LMH's photos with no painted face, though there are a few pieces.

An alley in NonHyun-dong(district). Suddenly one extraordinary imported car stopped on the street with a engine sound and LMH without make-up got out of the front seat in the car.

He closed the door but opened it again as if he seemed to lose something. I guess... it might be a mobile phone.

After that, he walked to somewhere. Fortunately there were no passers-by on the street, so the anxious situation such as recognizing him or screaming with joy didn't happen.

Even I'd like to get his autograph by myself, but there is more important thing than the signature to the photographer. It's just spot shots .

Since the distance was up close, I shot only a few photos. But it was a lucky day I shot MH's appearance who looked sleepy.

Now LMH is controlling himself on air except CFs and photoshoots. His opinion is to choose the next work more carefully. He said he would let fans see more prepared appearance with exercise and foreign language study during vacation. I hope to see him through TV sooner or later.


One More Good News~

According to some fans, the press conference of 'The March of Youth', a musical starring Kim Jun, will be held at Coex Artium in Seoul at 18: 30 on August 12th. F3 will attend there to support Kim Jun.

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