Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rain & Goo Hye Sun are Tous Les Jours CF Models

Singer and actor Bi / Rain has been chosen as the new CF model for Korea's famous bakery brand, Tous Les Jours (뚜레쥬르).

Rain is currently working hand in hand with actress Goo Hye Sun for an upcoming Tous Les Jours CF. Filming for this CF had already begun earlier this month and is still in the works. In this CF, Rain will hold a cute and playful image that will highlight Tous Les Jours' smooth image.

This CF will show different charms of Rain, other than the charismatic and humorous charms in his previous SKT Telecom CF. Many, if not all, of Rain's CFs were very entertaining, so I have no doubts that this one will be great as well.


Goo Hye sun always snags the cutest co-stars.

Popular stars Rain and Goo Hye sun have joined forces to film a CF for the bakery brand 뚜레쥬르 (Tu-re-ju-rul). Filming for the CF began earlier this month.

Although Rain’s appearance in the CF is probably what will excite viewers the most, the singer was only the brand’s second choice for the CF’s male lead. He was brought in after actor Jo In-sung became unavailable, as he had already begun his military service.

Shots of the pair filming have already been released showing the duo decked out in preppy all-white ensembles with green accessories. Aside from that, the pair looks to be doing some sort of super-adorable dance. By the looks of things, Rain’s character in the CF will be cute and playful, a heavy contrast to the sexy and charismatic image that has become the singer’s trademark. As for Goo Hye-sun, well she’s adorable in general, so the whole cute look isn’t really a stretch for her.

This unexpected pairing is already creating a buzz. With Rain’s superstar status and Goo Hye-sun’s current popularity, the duo is sure to sell a lot of pastries!

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