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Lee Min Ho's Interview for the Secret Campus DVD in Japan

LMH's interview for the Secret Campus DVD in Japan which was filmed in Taiwan in June.

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Part 1

Q : You debuted with the 'Secret Campus', and how did it feel?
LMH : At my acting debut, I think I was very nervous, totally lost and just busy speaking my lines without any time to breathe. My memory isn't clear on the details, but I think I was so nervous that the shooting was done without my knowing how I was shot.

Q : What was your hardest and enjoyable parts of the shooting?

LMH : The drama had many soccer-playing scenes. So I enjoyed my shooting the most because I like soccer and I'm confident of playing parts like that. As for the difficult parts, it seems that every moment was hard. Once I broke my forefinger while performing a fighting scene with my fist colliding with the other's, and I still remember that. That's why I appear all of a sudden wearing a cast in the later part of the drama, though it wasn't included in the story.

Q : I wonder what you were actually like in high school like the background of 'Secret Campus'?
LMH : I also seem to have had not a little rebellion. For example, I don't think that I liked listening to others. But I think I grew up faster, because I didn't make any big trouble when I was in the second and third year of high school. It seems I spent my adolescence very quietly.

Q : Which subject were you good at and poor at when you were in high school(senior high)?
LMH : I was good at PE(physical education) and poor at math.

Q : In high school, did you have anyone in mind like whom you did or didn't want to be a person in your future?
LMH : It seems that I didn't want to be the type of adult who talked big or showed off some success of them, but I just wanted to be a quiet and naively honest adult.

Q : You played the role of a student with a dream of being a soccer player. How well did you play soccer?
LMH : When I was in elementary school, there were eleven classes in all. I made the entry list after having selected better soccer players in each class, and they just came along with me without complaining. Whatever I said, there was no one to grumble about me.

Q : Was it because you played soccer well or you were good in fights?
LMH : Maybe because they recognized me as a good soccer player. I've bragged about myself for no reason (feels embarrassed). But I can't play soccer well now.

Q : Then, were you the best soccer player among all students in your elementary school?
LMH : Yes, it seemed that I was really good at playing soccer at that time.

Q : The following question your fans are interested in genuinely....Have you ever dated with anyone when you were in high school? If yes, what kind of date have you had?
LMH : Yes, I have dated with someone during high school. Dare I say how I did, we usually went to the movies. As being high school students, many places were not allowed to go so watching movies were what we did most while dating.

Q : wholesomely?
LMH : Yes, what we did were wholesome.

Q : In the drama, Du-hyeon had something confidential, but I wonder if you have a secret of your own..if you had some secret which you didn't want to tell to others.
LMH : I don't think I had any secret. It seems I'm not the style of having a lot of secrets.

Q : Are you the type of person who tells their friends anything?
LMH : I don't tell everything to my friends, but because I didn't have any particular things I did secretly, it's hard to remember what secret I had from my friends at that time.

Q : You are saying that you didn't really have any secrets, but you don't relatively tell important things to others?
LMH : No, I don't. I don't try to hide them, but I'd rather not tell others about me very often.

Q : Now we'll ask you something personal. Maybe your fans like it better.. Are there any hobbies you often enjoy personally?
LMH : I usually tend to enjoy playing online games. Because I can't go out a lot lately, I mainly enjoy computer games, which I have liked since high school.

Q : Aren't there many kinds of games available like sports and RPG games?
LMH : I prefer RPG, because computer games cause me to desire to win, and I hate to lose. Besides, there are rankings and positions in online games, and once I begin to play an online game, I can't help playing long (to raise my level). Now, I'm trying not to play online games deliberately.

Q : It's possible, I know....
LMH : (laughing) It could be called 'addiction', which seems to make me more competitive; at least, make me not want to lose. When I began playing with someone once, I got a bit tired with the gap getting wider against me.

Q : It's not limited to only games, but applies to everything, right?
LMH : Right. Maybe because I played sports in childhood, but I'm relatively competitive in everything.

Q : Do you have any special talent besides soccer and computer games?
LMH : I'm so sociable that I become close to people pretty fast. I'm not really free from being shy, but I think I'm more sociable than ordinary people. Is it sort of special talent, too?

Q : You bet.

Part 2

Q This interview is for Japanese fans and are there Japanese words to learn for them nowadays?
LMH : Do-jo Yo-ro-si-ku Oh-ne-ga-yi-si-mas (I expect your favor)
Ka-ya-ii(cute, lovely)
Da-yi-jo-bo-des(It's alright)
I can memorize simple idioms as I speak them.

Q : Which country would you like to go among those countries you have never been before?
LMH : Venezia

Q : In Italy?
LMH : I have heard that Venezia is sinking. Is it true?

Q : I have heard it before ,too.
LMH : Before Venezia sinks, I'd like to go. I also want to go to Las Vegas.

Q : Haven't you been Italy?
LMH : No, I haven't.

Q : Which food do you frequently eat recently?
LMH : I frequently eat bean-paste pot stew and kimchi pot stew. For health reason, I also eat beef.

Q : Do you like meat?
LMH : When I eat at home, I always eat more than one kind of meat.

Q : Do you know how to cook?
LMH : I can cook several kinds of food.

Q : What are they?
LMH : I am good at cooking kimchi pot stew, ramyeon(Korean noodle), fried egg rice and fried Kimchi rice ^^

Q : If your girlfriend come to your place, what food can you confidently make for her?
LMH : I'm confident of cooking ramyeon (laughs a lot), because chances are I won't fail. I can succeed 100 %. If I cook a big dish, it will be fried rice.

Q : This time, what is the dish you want your girlfriend to fix for you?
LMH : Just a few side dishes and those my mother makes.

Q : Then, you mean just a warm meal rather than a luxurious meal?
LMH : Yes. It's okay if it's not delicious, but it'll be better if it is.

Q : Won't it more difficult to make side dishes?
LMH : Yes, I think so. (laughs a lot)

Q : These days you might well find no time to rest enough, yet how do you spend your holiday?
LMH : I often hang out with my close people and friends, just chatting and having meals together, or I watch rental DVD movies, or play online games.

Q : What's the first thing you do in the morning?
LMH : I go to the bathroom still half asleep and brush my teeth. While I begin brushing with my eyes half open, I wake up.

Q : Reversely, what are the things you do before you go to sleep.
LMH : I turn on TV or my computer, and listening to music from the computer.. or watching a program on TV, I fall asleep.

Q : You mean you fall asleep with TV or the computer on?
LMH : Yes. I hate all the time until falling asleep except that I'm so tired as to get to sleep. Because I come to think too much, I like going to sleep using TV or the computer so that I don't have my head in the clouds.

Q : Do you remember what you dreamt recently?
LMH : It's been like a long time since I dreamt something. It seems that I haven't dreamt any dream ever since BOF was started.

Aha! I did..(as if something came to his mind) One time when I was sleeping in my car, I dreamt of a fire starting. As soon as I woke up, I started beating my coordinator, shouting to her, "Put it out!". And what's more, at another time, I ate Kimchi pot stew in my dream, and then upon waking up, said to someone next to me, "Give me some water. It's too salty."^^

Q : Your dreams felt like reality ?
LMH : Yes, they were very much like reality.

Q : Do you wear pajamas while sleeping?
LMH : I sleep in short pants or pajamas. When I am alone in my house, I often sleep only in underwear. But I prefer wearing short pants and a short T-shirt when my mom and sister stay with me at home.

Q : This is a difficult question.. I wonder when you feel lonely, or listless and a little down, what you do, for example, take exercise on purpose or talk with your friends on the phone..
LMH : I think I do various things: do exercise, or watch TV programs or movies to give impetus to me, or a special program about a person to help me empower my life. When I'm spurred by watching them, I feel somewhat energized.

It could happen that a person sometimes feels bored and uninterested while working. In that case, I watch such movies, which make me think, " Oh, I should not slack in my work. I should work harder". That helps me motivate myself.

Q : If you have any life mottos or philosophes from Korean proverbs ...
LMH : "Winners never quit, and quitters never win!"
When I was in my childhood, my parents gifted me a flat spoon-shaped wall-souvenir from their wedding anniversary trip. This motto was written on it. I was very touched by the words even though I was a kid. Up till now, that has been my personal motto.

Q : Which book would you recommend us, and would give us the reason why?
LMH : Lee Oi Soo's essay, Ha-Ahk-Ha-Ahk (Korean book).
Even young kids can understand it easily. It presents many useful ideas expressed in a simple and fun way. That's why I recommend the book.


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