Friday, August 21, 2009

Lee Min Ho and JungIIWoo BBFL

A few may know already about JungIlWoo and LeeMinHo’s close friendship. On “Happy Together Season 3″ JungIlWoo came out on the program to explain further on their friendship.

On the broadcast of “Happy Together Season 3″ aired on August 20th, JungIlWoo stated,

LeeMinHo and I meet up once a week at least… and we see each other most of the times together around DaeBangDong where we live around.”

LeeMinHo, our one and only GuJunPyo, best friends with our one and only high kick star JungIlWoo? You gotta admit how it would feel to have such hot guys as friends.

JungIlWooexplained on further by saying

“Since we were little, MinHo was famous because he was good looking.” (yeah,.. gorgeous man.. hihihi).

And he also made the crowd laugh when he said, Before when I was with MinHo, fans asked for my sign first, but now days, the fans ask for MinHo’s sign first.”

credit : nulsaranghae@kbites

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  1. oh no wonder that he has a good taste in friendship...lee's friend is also handsome!!