Friday, August 28, 2009

Kim Bum : is still happy even though the DREAM ratings is low

“Although the ratings are low, but because I love acting, I live happily each and everyday.” 20 years old Kim Bum made the above remarks with a smile.

MBC Korean TV drama ‘Queen Seon Duk’ has suppressed the ratings of ‘Dream’. Kim Bum don’t mind if the ratings was only 5% to 6%.

Kim Bum expressed: “All the shooting scenes atmosphere were good. Even though I have to shoot for 6 days a week, I don’t feel tired at all. Currently we have completed shooting half the series (Total: 20 series), and are looking forward to the rest of the filming.”

Since ‘Boys Before Flowers’, Kim Bum has been popular all this while. In the Korean TV drama ‘Boys Before Flowers’, Kim Bum has been acting as a rich group successor. Through ‘Boys Before Flowers’, he had shot 7 commercial ads and ranked as a Hallyu star by overseas fans.

Just few months later, Kim Bum got rid of his ‘flower boy’ image and acted as a fighter in the SBS Korean TV drama ‘Dream’. Because the change of role is so significant, the audiences may not be able to accept it at once.

Kim Bum said: “As a actor, I cannot only just develop in one kind of role. Acting as So Yi Jung is being welcome by most fans, but it could also easily caught fans too depth in. Actually I should be resting after shooting ‘Boys Before Flowers’, but I accepted to act in ‘Dream’ because of Lee Jang Suk’s role. This role is very attractive and it can help me to walk out from So Yi Jung’s image.

Although the ratings were low, but Kim Bum’s success reforming has received the show business sector’s attention. Production team also gave encouragement to Kim Bum who has successfully walk out of his ‘flower boy’ image.

Source From: Yonhap

credits : as labelled+hying@koreanclicks

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