Wednesday, August 12, 2009

KHJ : SS501 Personna Booklet & Info of their 2nd Album Release

Pictures From Personna Booklet

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Bonus FanMade Video of Kim Hyun Joong "A Whole New Package"

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08/12 [info] SS501 Official 2nd Album Release Details

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Hello. This is DSP Media.

This notice is regarding SS501's official 2nd album which many Triple S are waiting for.

SS501's official 2nd album release details are as follows,
There would be a little delay to the album release and the period of activities.

We are trying our best to release the album, which many Triple S have been waiting for so long, as per the promised schedule, but because of our desire to show an even better, even more perfect image in front of everyone, we have decided to postpone the schedule.

This is a difficult decision to make so we hope that Triple S can believe in us and SS501 and wait for a while more, we will repay with 501 times more handsome image than SS501's current image.

The current release date for the official 2nd album is arranged to be on 17-Sep,
MP3 and album release is scheduled on the same day,
The exact comeback date will be announced again later.

This is really a long-awaited SS501's official album.
Though there would be a great sense of disappointment on the postponement of album release,
Please believe that this decision is done to prepare the album even better and we will appreciate if you can support SS501.

For the confirmed schedule for MBC Hallyu Festival on 22-Aug,
The performance will not be new songs but their existing songs.

Thank you.

[DSP Media]

credit : mariposa28@soompi

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