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A Fun & Detailed Afternote for Lee Min Ho's Dunkin Donuts Event (08/18/09)

A very fun & detailed afternote from one fan(her nickname is same ager) who attended the DD event
English translated by

The Barista Lecture 1

The lecture for Barista was giving to only the winners who selected in the first scrap event. They learned about barista from the lecturer until LMH arrived. About 20minutes passed... LMH has just appeared there.

It's calm and silent a slight... LMH, feeling awkward....
And then, we said to him to let us introduce himself,

LMH : "Pardon? What shall I introduce?
WE : "Introduce yourself~"
LMH : "I'm Lee Min-ho and 23-year-old. Hhhhhhh" and he bursted laughing like a idiot.^^

Ah, At first, he seemed not to know we were his fans.
He just thought people concerning with Dunkin has been educated.
So he absolutely felt awkward, didn't smile yet and the atmosphere went down a little bit.

The Barista lecturer was busy to make coffee and reporters snap a lot of flash light.
MH stood awkward and we were busy to watch MH's face with breathless interest.
Atmosphere was too calm, we showered him with useless questions.
I asked him, "Which brand is your watch today?"
"It's 'Diesel's"
Again Diesel's.^^ (Chuckling....)

And I slightly wanted to certificate for 'Gal', so asked to MH,
"The day before yesterday was 'Gal' 200th days anniversary .
I say "Gal'
"Ah, 'Gal'~~~'DC'~~~~~~" and the end...Hhhh
(* Gal is the shortened word of 'Gallery' contents and DC is of the community web site for digital camera user, 'Digital Camera Inside". The site is to create the trend and issues through the users.)

And I asked to him about the cupcake I gave him at the fan signing event in Incheon.
Me(Same ager): "Do you remember the cupcake I made for you at the Incheon fansigning?"
My Man(LMH) : "What? Coffee?"
Same ager : "No, I say the cupcake."
My Man : "Ah... Hhhhhh"
Same ager : "Don't you remember it, do you"(with a sob)
My Man : "I can't remember everything..."
Same ager : "You promised you had to eat absolutely it." Sobing....
My Man : "Hhhhh.... I also can't eat everything."

My gosh~ LMH~Chuckling~~~ He didn't tell a lie.
His ability of meeting the situation was skillful. Chucking~ The past he just laughed at it but now he sensibly hit back.

And the fan next to me asked, "You don't gain weight, do you?"
LMH : "No, I don't."
"You look gotten a paunch with it."

the button of MH's shirts...opened a bit...bulging over getting a paunch...Giggling~~~
"Ah~it's because of the apron..." and he smoothed out wrinkles piece by piece.
After that, he was cute to continue to be careful of the apron. Giggling~~~

The Barista lecturer asked him if he liked coffee and MH asked he did.
And he asked to MH which coffee he liked.
MH said he likes ice cafe mocha and ice green tea l'atte.

He asked to MH so much with making coffee.
The Barista lecturer asked to him that he frequently got the event with fans like this.
LMH said it was the first place that he talked with fans something or other like this.
Today I really listened and remembered everything this and that never to be absent-minded.

At last, the Barista lecturer asked to the fans to have a question,
One fan requested to shake hands with MH once.
As soon as her word ended, my man, MH was kind to shake and clasp with those who wanted do it.


Fanmeeting& Quiz time & Photo time

I sat right ahead of MH.
We solved quizzes about MH but they were too easy.
Dunkin Company prepared for them.

1. What was LMH's role in 'BOF'? Gu Jun-pyo
2. Which company had Gu Jun-pyo's parents? Shin Hwa Conglomerate
3. When is LMH's birthday? June 22nd
4. The last airing day of 'BOF'? March 31st, 2009
5. How many were LMH's family? 4
6. BOF's F4 + Jandi's family number ? 8

Well, they were definitely basic quizzes and MH asked whether he could set questions. He also said he was proud of drop out many fans.

Then, his question was, " What time did I leave home this morning?"

We went hog-wild here and there. We bantered lots how we could know it, then MH allowed to write only the time.

But we burst to ask whether he dropped the company or came from home here and there.
"Ah, I dropped the beauty salon."
Then I wrote it was ten.
Anyway, the answer was ten o'clock. Chuckling~~~

And then we solved Dunkin's fully basic quizzes and MH questioned a quiz to drop out of many people. "When is my best friend, Il-woo's birthday?"
The hint was that the month was the same number with the day.
Anyway, the answer was September 9th. This question dropped out of lots people.

And almost ending... "What is LMH's charming point?"
There are so many things...But the MC said to write the point we thought.
Well, eyes, nose, face, many things were written...but the answer was the only one.
LMH announced it was his long height.
Anyway, then all wrong answerers dropped out...(lots sob). So did I.

Afer that, we solved two more questions,
and the last quiz was how many pieces MH signatured at the event.
The answer was 1800 pieces of paper. So the winner got the coffee machine.
and she also got the chance to hug with MH,
but she felt so shy and didn't do well. She head to MH's breast and it's over.
MH bursted his sides with laughing.

Anyway, I kept sitting next to MH at the photo time!!!
My Man, however, why was he positive like this?
He pulled hard me first.
MH wrapped my shoulders.
Originally, he reached the arm to 2 people but today just only to me because I was tall. Wow!!!!!
I can still feel his warm hand to wrap my shoulders now. (sobbing)
Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~~~~~ Perfect! (sobbing)

And as I was doing this, I thought it was the golden opportunity to smell MH's, and I gave a sniff. It seemed to smell the perfume...

Anyway, the fan meeting was over like this,
we went to MH's seat and my friend gained the straw MH used, I did his fork~Giggling~~~
I could feel MH's scent lightly to smell the fork.
I brought the scent of MH's mouth...Chuckling~~~~~~
And I had Yogurt some that MH had eaten. Giggling~~~~
I just ate one kiwi~


The person in charge of the event explained MH had to shoot the Barista training,
We, the scrap event winners went to upstairs again and could look MH for about 10 minutes.
MH made himself his favorite ice cafe mocha.
He said whether he would take a role of the barista and should exercise in advance, and was hard at making it.

Anyway, today I had a good time to chat with MH this and that...
I really appreciate to get the chance.
Although you, the member of this community also have the same mind to think and love MH,
I just can experience it including a few fans, I am absolutely sorry.
So, I remember the maximum with keeping my mind to write the detailed afternote for you.....
Of course, it can't compare to do yourself with MH.
But... I hope to be satisfied with my afternote.

And, one more thing! I asked to MH whether he was pleased with his pictures that fans took for him,
MH was in his favor except some pictures.
He asked which the pictures were again and he didn't like over close-up pictures because they made his pores plainly.
And he said to want to do from the proper distance.


Two more things I'd like to share with you^^

Yesterday, one fan gave him a watch as a present and he wore the new one instead of his.
Even he said he didn't dump the bags in which fans had contained the gifts and was using them with other things in it.

Yesterday, his manager opened the car trunk and it was full of books.
The books were from a fan and MH was reading in his spare time in the car.
The fan was excited at the fact her presents was close to MH.

credits: (same ager)DC, + as labeled

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