Friday, August 14, 2009

A Closer Look @ MinSun's Identical (?) Items

(KHS Tango poster/LMH Levis photo)

It's interesting to note that MinSun share a handful of pieces (particularly the most talked about shirt and bracelet) which fans hope to qualify as "couple items".

I have read a series of spazzing about this juicy topic but what you will read below are merely accounts of where and when these items were probably seen which I have only extracted from my memory after reading a multiple of posts in the past. The fans' personal opinions/speculations are many and the details may even vary from one person to another.

[Note: This is not based on any official report concerning MinSun. Hence, let the pictures speak for themselves.]

1) T-Shirt

The white t-shirt with black print was reportely worn by LMH at the airport when he returned back from his photoshoot in Sydney, Australia in the latter part of April. KHS was spotted wearing a similar top during the Busan Asian Short Film Festival last May where she attended as a director of a short film. The second time was during her Tango exhibit on July 5.


Then photos of LMH's stylist surfaced wearing a t-shirt with the same design in an airport shot with LMH during his Thailand trip in early April. Puzzling, right?

2) Bracelet

The studded black bracelet was first spotted in LMH's Pepsi Nex photo. A similar (?) bracelet was also noticed as part of KHS's accessories while leaving for Taiwan BOF promo last June 1 and again at the opening of her Tango art exhibit last July 1. Three (3) days later (July 4), LMH's photos in his China BOF promo showed that he was wearing the bracelet again while KHS wore hers also at PIFAN last July 16. Then some questions were raised about the exact similarity of MinSun bracelets. Both bracelets may appear the same at first glance but apparently LMH's bracelet has 3 loops while that of KHS's has only 2. :(

Lastly, the "interest" shifted back to LMH's Pepsi Nex photo but this time the focus is on the white bracelet which is later compared to the one worn by KHS during her SBS interview last July 12 as shown in the (blurred) vid caps.


Interestingly, what is quite evident is that MinSun's sense of fashion seem to be mirror images of each other on some ocassions.

(KHS @ MSFF 09/LMH Starhaus photo)
3) Sneakers

Similar-looking pairs of red sneakers belonging to LMH and KHS were seen in photos at the airport and at the Busan film fest, respectively.

4) Caps

The baseball cap photos were taken long before BOF days. MinSun caps have the same design but different logo color.

5) Hats

Both MinSun have the same preference for Fedora hats as part of their outfits in several events.


Whether some of the aforecited items are exactly the same and if having them is coincidental or not, remains to be confirmed. It's now up to MinSun fans' creative minds and realistic judgment to make a conclusion/correlation.

credits: soompi, DC, baidu + as labeled, blogger (summary)


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