Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Brief on Lee Min Ho's Recent Articles

(Display Photo for Lee Min Ho Japan Official Site)
English translated by loveminho.com

1. In the 2009 Mnet 20’s Choice Award ceremony to be held on August 28th, LMH has been nominated for 5 different categories .
(newsen.com 08/06/09)

2. The first photo book including F4 of the hit drama 'BOF' is to be released soon.

IMX, Japanese official site of BOF, announced on August 7th that they would publish 'SOFF' (Story Of Four Flowers), a Korean F4 photo book, on September 5th for which they would take reservation through brokore, their community site.

This first photo book with total 168 pages contains 38 pages of each member's single shots taken in the locations where well match with their personality features. It is well designed so that you will enjoy each member's charming points that could not be seen in the drama. Also DVD including about 20 minutes of making film is attached. (naver.com)

3. While the casts of BOF coming back one after another, where is LMH?

The agency for LMH said "LMH had a successful surgery of removing a metal rod and an almost complete recovery. Now on his school vacation, he is taking a good rest at home." They added that he was given most drama synopses lined up for up to next year, but he has yet no plan to resume his activities. They said that they have to think over when to resume. (osen.freechal.com 08/08/09)

4. LMH, who was selected as a new model for ETUDE HOUSE last March, is doing a good job as the model for ETUDE HOUSE.

According to a representative of ETUDE HOUSE, the sales for the first half of this year have increased significantly compared to the second half of the previous year. It's because LMH is doing well. He said, "it seems that LMH had an effect on the sales among other things. (dailycosmetic.com 07/29/09)

5. Trugen is enjoying high sales performance thank to their aggressive TV advertisement featuring LMH, the best new generation star in 2009, as the exclusive model. The company's latter half sales are estimated to increase 20 % over the same period for the previous year. (newsprime.co.kr 08/10/09)

6. Trugen will have an award ceremony in reward for the efforts of its branch store owners as a part of a conference meeting at Miranda Hotel in Icheon, Kyungkido Province on August 12th, where LMH, the exclusive model for it, will be invited. (gall.dcinside.com)

7. Today(10th) a friend of a fan of Minho found LMH and Jung IlWoo together at a Japanese restaurant in Sam Chung Dong, Seoul. LMH and JIW came there to eat lunch together. As many of you know, there is a famous cafe building for waffle in Samchungdong. The Japanese restaurant is on the second floor of the building. JIW always wanted to try some food there while passing along the street. They ate sushi, a bowl of eel and rice and cold buckwheat noodles. Today JIW treated LMH. JIW might have done that perhaps to congratulate for his drama being aired soon.

They arrived together in MH's car. They talked lively over lunch. JIW said, "Take me somewhere." MH said, "No, why should I take you? (just kidding)" MH's voice sounded very happy and cute. MH wore big sunglasses, so she couldn't see his eyes. But it seemed that the sun was shining when they were entering the place. The waiters and waitresses in the restaurant were surprised to see the two very pretty boys. Actually many celebrities frequently come there, so it is a common thing for them to see such celebrities but they were really surprised at the prettiest boys they had ever seen. (gall.dcinside.com 08/10/09)

credit: seastar0815/maymay@soompi + loveminho


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