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Article on Goo Hye Sun's Thoughts on Men & Dating (08/13/09)

English Translation by susamerica@soompi.com

courtesy of webby: Thank you for finding it. This article is the second part of the interview that I just translated by the same Reporter Song Hae Jin. They met at on August 13th (the day that she was the MC with Alex) in Seoul. This is another article about her frustration with dating and men.

꽃남' 구혜선 "남자에게 차여만 봤다"
송혜진 기자 enavel@chosun.com
Headline: 'BOF' GHS: "I Always Get Dumped by Men."
Written by Reporter Song Hae Jin at Chosun News

탤런트 구혜선(26)은 영화 이야기를 할 때와 연애 이야기를 할 때가 영 딴판이었다.
The Reporter Song notices the difference in GHS's attititude and demeanor when she talks about her work as opposed to her talk about her relationship with men.

최 근까지 영화감독에 소설가, 화가까지 변신에 변신을 거듭해온 그녀다. 오는 9월엔 그동안 그녀가 작곡했던 노래를 일본 뉴에이지 피아니스트 이사오 사사키가 편곡해 음반으로도 낸다. 9월 5일엔 '오버 더 레인보우'란 제목으로 연주회도 열 예정. 구혜선은 정식으로 작곡이나 그림을 배운 적은 없다고 했다. 재능이 대체 몇 가지인 걸까.
(summary of GHS and multi-talents and the upcoming September concert...We all know these facts already.) She was confident and eloquent as she talked about her love for her work. The reporter also asks how many other things is GHS good at.

“아니에요, 제가 관심 있는 몇 가지엔 정말 공을 들여서 열심히 하는데 다른 건 전혀 못해요. 완전 바보에요.” 지난 13일 강남 청담동 한 카페. 영화 이야기할 때만 해도 또박또박 눈을 빛내며 조리 있게 말을 이어가던 구혜선이 갑자기 귀여운 푸념을 늘어놓기 시작했다.
"No, No, With few things that I am really interested in, I put in all my effort. But, I cannot do other things well at all. A complete simpleton!" I sat with GHS last August 13th at a Kang Nam Chun Dam Dong cafe. While she discussed her movie, her speech was eloquent and precise while her eyes shone. All of a sudden, GHS turned all cute while grumbling about another aspect of her life.

“ 연예인이면 좀 제대로 꾸밀 줄도 알고, 쿨한 척도 좀 할 줄 알고 그래야 하잖아요. 근데 전 네일이나 페디큐어 받는 것조차 제대로 못해요. 손톱 항상 물어뜯고, 제대로 씻지도 않고 있고. 남자들이 절 멀리서 볼 땐 ‘와 쟤 되게 열정적이고 귀엽다’라고 생각하고 접근했다가 막상 사귀면 ‘얘 뭐야 엄청 깬다’ 그러고 도망가요.”
"Most people in the business of acting and performing know at least how to dress and groom well and at times, even act cool and indifferent. However, I am not like that. I rarely get manicures. I always bite my nails. Sometimes I haven't even cleaned myself appropriately. From far, men may look at me and think how passionate and cute I am and approach me. Then, they see the real me from dating and become disappointed and run away from me."

구혜선은 스스로 “연애엔 정말 젬병인 사람”이라고 고백하기도 했다. “연애하면서 대체 어떻게 밀고 당기기를 해야 하는 건지 모르겠어요. 전 그냥 좋아하는 사람 생기면 그야말로 도시락 싸 들고 쫓아다니는 성격이거든요. 문자 보내놓고 계속 전화기 손에서 쥐고 있다가 답 안 오면 냉큼 또 보내고 그래요. 그래서 결국 남자들이 절 재미없다고 생각하고 떠나간다니까요.”
GHS independently confessed that she is a hopeless case when it comes to dating. "While dating, I have no idea what it means to push and pull or play the love games. When I really like someone that I am dating, i am the type that pack lunches and follow him around. I send him text message and wait for his call with the cell phone readily at my side. If he does not return my text, I do not hesitate to send another one right away. Ultimately, men think me boring and leave me."

가장 최근에 했던 연애는 1년 반 전. 친구들이 하나 같이 ‘대체 저런 애가 왜 좋아?’라고 물었던 스타일의 남자에게 한 눈에 반해 사귀게 됐었다고 했다. 사람을 만날 땐 언제나 결혼을 전제로 만난다고. 그래서 남자친구를 사귀는 게 쉽지 않다고 했다.
"My last dating experience was one and half years ago. I dated a guy that I fell head over heels at first sight. Most my friends could not see what I saw in him. I do not date for the sake of dating but for the possibility of marriage. That is why dating is not an easy thing for me."

“최근까지 만난 친구도 처음엔 그 쪽에서 먼저 다가왔는데, 막상 연애과정에서 제가 하염없이 혼자 기다리고 쫓아다니다가 차였어요. 다음 연애는 정말 잘하고 싶은데, 잘 될까요? 결혼하면 이런 고민 안 하게 되겠죠?” (웃음)
"My last relationship was also initiated by the man. However, while we were actually dating, I was the one usually waiting alone and chasing after him. Then. he dumped me. I really want to do well in my next relationship. Do you think it will? If I get married, I wouldn't have to stress over such things, right??"

Bless you GHS. I really hope for the best in your next relationshiop for you !!!

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  1. You don't find the right guy yet. If you do everything to him and not respond like you did to him mean he don't love you. It hard to be dumped but maybe he is not the one for you. Know let them to find you and let them show he care and if he love you what ever missing from you ok to him. It mean LOVE ME FOR WHAT I AM AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE. If that happend that the right guy to you.
    Enjoy right now your blessing and one day love is coming you never know he already beside you for long time.

  2. Yah, I second d motion, Enjoy your life you deserve to be happy after you have suffered.