Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anticipating Goo Hye Sun’s Presence @ the BOF Premium Event in Japan

Fan Updates on Goo Hye Sun's chances of making it at the BOF Premium in Japan:
(Hopefullly, an official confirmation will be out soon in the coming days.)


Read on baidu that although Hyesun's name is not present for the BOF promotion in Japan on Sept 5, her name is still on the list on Sept 6. (

Yes, seems like all the main casts will be there for Sept 6. Sept 5 was an extra thing that they added, so many of the main casts cannot make it, such as kim bum, hyesun and hyunjoong, if i'm not mistaken. but minho, kim soeun and some other casts will be there for sept 5.


English Translation by

한국판 꽃남 日 지상파 반응 어떨까 “나쁘지 않다” [2009-08-11 15:00:09] What would be the reaction to Korean BOF at TBS? "Not Bad." 8/11/2009 [뉴스엔 김형우 기자] = [Newsen Kim Hyung Woo Reporter]

From July 31 2009 through TBS station, Korean version of BOF has been aired for the Japanese audience. I cannot be sure but I think the article is saying that BOF is aired 5 days a week on that station. The current rating for the drama is 4% in Japan and that is equivalent to about 10% Korean rating. The associates feel that such rating is not bad given the fact that the original manga and the drama came from Japan and the initial fascination of Korean BOF have somewhat settled down since the beginning.

The associates of TBS are doing their best to further promote and advertise Korean BOF.

(I guess that is why TBS talk show came to Korea to have a chat with GHS and LMH at Namsan not too long ago. I also saw and guessed that the associates are promoting the sale of the BOF videos with accompanying cute bear couple that GHS and LMH picked out from the Bear Museum. I guessed since the program was in Japanese.)

They are also anticipating that, after the 4th episode, there is a possibility that the rating will increase as it did in Korea.

Another promotion is the upcoming combination talk show and concert by the BOF main casts in September. LMH, KHJ, KB and KJ have been confirmed to attend. They are still discussing whether GHS will attend. Last time the main BOF casts came to promote in Japan from April 15~17, the result was significantly higher than their expectation.

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