Saturday, July 25, 2009

Update : LMH DD "Cool Summer Festival"

'A Cool Summer Date with LMH'
Date : 8 / 18 How to participate in the event
Participation dates: July 24 ~ August 2, 2009
Upon the participation dates
First, anyone who buys Dunkin' donuts or drinks for more than 8000 won is given a chance to buy a DD beach towel for 2000 won and for more than 10000 won is given a chance to buy a DD beach bag for 3000 won at Dunkin stores.
After that, anyone who buys the beach towel or the beach bag can participate in the event on internet called 'A summer cool date with LMH' by putting the lucky number on the receipt into the blanks at the bottom of the Dunkin event board.
Lastly 30 participants of this event will be chosen by lucky draw and given a chance to date with LMH for 77 minutes.
* In the previous event of Dunkin, Scrap Event, 5 participants won in the lucky draw yesterday. 2 fans from the DC gall and 1 fan from Dave left a message that they won and were very excited to meet LMH in the event. As the date is also on August 18th, it means 35 winners will have a date with LMH for 77 minutes.

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