Saturday, July 04, 2009

Lee Min Ho to attend China Promotion

Actor Lee Min Ho will pay a visit abroad to promote BOF after an operation to remove a metal rod.

LMH will attend the China promotion for the drama 'BOF' held in Kuangchou, China on July 4th. He had an operation to remove a metal rod on June 5th. Since he made a quick recovery, he can attend the International promotion with pleasure.

LMH's agency " Now, LMH has no problem walking or moving. He is expected to attend the international promotions under reasonable conditions. It’s been decided that those attendances will be short and will be not too much to become a burden for him."

LMH will depart for Kuangchou from the Incheon international airport via flight number OZ369 at 8:50 a.m on July 4th. As soon as he arrives in Kuangchou, he will begin promotion, starting interviews with the press. LMH will disperse the aroma of BOF while he has the press conference with 35 local presses and an exclusive interview with TBC.

In the afternoon of July 4th, he will meet his local fans who have been waiting for him in the fanmeeting. LMH is expected to attend the pay fanmeeting held at Holiday inn City Center in Kuangchou for 1 hour and to reveal his healthy appearance to over 300 local fans.

His agency said "Most of all, his health is our priority, we are sorry to say that LMH will not show his skills such as singing or dancing this time. If he has a chance to visit again, he will show you his specialities.

In this promotion, one of the members of F4 Kim Jun, the director Jun Ki Sang, producer & president of Group 8 Song Byung Jun, will attend together.

Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Bum will not attend the promotion since KHJ is in Hong Kong with SS501 and KB is in Busan to film for the new SBS drama 'Dream'.

LMH will return to Korea at 5:00 p.m on July 5th

credits:Posted on Sporthankook, Reporter Lee Hyun Ah, 2009-07-03
English translated by,soompi

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