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Afternote from 2 Lee Min Ho's Levis Fansigning Events (July 18, 2009)

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The first signing event was held at DD department in Changwon City.

Most of all, we were worried about the weather in Changwon since there was strong wind or torrential rain in most areas. Luckily it was sunny and hot in Changwon city so we called Minho as driving the Sun. ^^ The signing event was held at a small plaza of the store so many people could see Minho closely as well as people who had a chance to get his autograph. They said unanimously " Minho is perfect.", " He looks like a doll not a person" and " "He is superior in stature".

During the event, the sponsor played the OST of BOF, and the atmosphere was really good.
Today Minho wore a white t-shirt, a checked out-shirt, jeans and orange colored sneakers. Today his fashion point was wrong buttoned shirt...It was not caused by mistake but one of his fashion styles.^^ Many fans who saw his photos left their messages that Minho seemed to do body-building because his body looked very good today. Also some people said maybe he got haircut and had his hair dyed, he looked simple and clear today.

One guy (we guessed he is one of staff from the DD store) left an afternote on the DC gallery. He said that he got the chance to talk with MH, and Minho gave him a cigarette and smoked together.(brand PLAMENT LIGHT) Wow~ many fans left the messages for the guy about envying him and hoping MH could quit smoking.

As he had to leave for the next fan signing event, he didn't linger there and left quickly.

Second Event in GwangJu

The Megabox theater was already crowded with numerous fans. This time lots of teenager fans gathered there. Frankly, his previous fansigning events was sponsored by Signature, and the policy to get the number ticket is that fans had to buy the Signature products for 100 thousand won or more. I am sure that it was a big money for his teenager fans, and they had to go to school on the ticket distributing day.

So we couldn't see his teenager fans in the previous events, and they were almost married women fans. Actually we were surprised that lots of married women fans attended whenever his fansiging event was held. Sometimes we felt sorry if passerbys thought LMH has no teenager fans.

Today was the best chance for teenager fans to get MH's autograph since everybody could get a chance to participate in the event as long as any of them bought a movie ticket. Umm...As soon as LMH showed up, the place was in a turmoil. Too many fans pushed each other in order to get a glimpse of MH. With a few bodyguards there, the event was delayed for 40 minutes for fans' safety.

Hey, Can you imagine how happy he was? Here and there, Oppa~(It means older brother in Korean) Oppa~ I can imagine how eager he wants to hear the words.^^

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  1. wow!!

    i'm rally happy that wherever his fansigning is,his fans are always there to support him..

    too bad we, fans here in the Philippines can't go there to give him support personaly.and to see him and get his autograph!hehe/(^-^)

    but i also agree with his looks.i mean, he really looks fresh,(as always.(^-^))fresh,and clear..hehe

    i just hope he quit's gonna be bad for his health.=(