Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lee Si Young: Punished for Falling In Love?

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It has been reported earlier that JunJin (28) and Lee Si Young (27) fell in love on We Got Married and they themselves have confirmed their relationship through a series of interviews over the past few days. Then there was talk that there was going to be a press conference today where JunJin and Lee Si Young would make their relationship public but that was seemingly cancelled or denied by the both of them as being untrue and a misinterpretation. But their actions are apparently having a serious impact on Lee Si Young's career which just took off this year.

Lee Si Young was thought to have been the female lead for MBC's Hand Signal drama, which will premiere on 5th September. But Lee Si Young's management got a call from MBC on the 23rd, saying that Lee Si Young has been dropped from the drama totally.

Lee Si Young's management was perplexed at this sudden turn of events as Lee Si Young had cleared the auditions held in late May, and got a confirmation from the production company that she will be the female lead. Since then, Lee Si Young has been preparing herself in earnest for her drama. But after her relationship with JunJin was revealed, the production company are acting as if nothing has ever happened before. In addition, CFs that are currently being filmed have also been stopped.

According to an insider, "Lee Si Young's promising career might be stopped in it's tracks because of her relationship with JunJin being made public. Although falling in love isn't a sin, screenwriter (of Hand Signal), Im Sung Han who likes to be very secretive, must have been angered by the exposure of Lee Si Young's relationship with JunJin."

A check with a staff from the production team of Hand Signal revealed, "Screenwriter Im Sung Han has absolute authority to allocate the roles accordingly with his script. Although Lee Si Young was under consideration for the role, but because no contract has been signed, we reserve the right to change the cast around at anytime."

Another revealed, "Screenwriter Im Sung Han has always been highly secretive about his work. Take his last work, Ah Hyun Dong's Madam, the male and female leads were only revealed just before the drama was shown on television. Even when the drama was airing, he prohibited the media from interviewing his male and female leads. With the news of Lee Si Young being the female lead of Hand Signal being revealed beforehand without his permission coupled with the news of Lee Si Young dating JunJin, Im Sung Han must be really hopping mad and thus decided to drop her in the end."

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