Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lee Min Jung: Fame comes with a price to pay

Source : Yahoo News

Korean actress Lee Min Jung shot to fame with her appearance in the mega drama Boys over Flowers. The upcoming starlet came to Singapore last week for a sponsored event to launch Sony Ericsson's new mobile range. The actress admitted that more companies have approached her to be their spokesperson given her rising popularity and more people now recognize her on the streets. However, fame comes with a price to pay. Having to look her best and maintain her poise every second of the day has become an invisible form of pressure to her.

"I'm now obligated to portray the best side of me; this can be quite pressurizing. It is no longer that easy to get out of the house now since more people recognize me. I have to make sure I look good before I step out," Lee said.

For the past few years, news about Korean stars committing suicide due to the pressure raged, and this includes Lee's co-actress in Boys over Flowers Jang Ja Yun. Recently, actor Kim Hyun Joong who played Yoon Ji Hoo in the drama was reported to be admitted to the hospital due to fatigue. This again aroused the public to speculate about the immense pressure faced by celebrities in Korea, and that only the fittest survives the entertainment circle.

When faced with stress, Lee chooses to relax with music, chilling out with friends or reading. "My seniors have advised me to learn to enjoy the pressure and the attention given to us. We are fated to be under everyone's scrutiny because we are celebrities," she added.

According to online reports, Lee acted in her first movie in 2003, and her popularity rose only recently after her role in Boys over Flowers as the fiancée of the male lead Gu Jun Pyo. Her role as Ha Jae Kyeong is a candid and well-liked figure in the drama.

In an online polling hosted by a China website, the pair played by Lee Min Jung and Lee Min Ho was voted the most popular couple in the show, defeating the lead couple in the show played by Goo and Lee Min Ho. "Geum Jan Di and Geum Jan Di met and fell in love first in the drama, and she's also the one who opened up his hearts. I will wish that they end up together," Lee said.

Although playing as love rivals in the show, Lee and Goo are the best of friends in real life. Lee even uploaded photos of them together on her blog, which roused another discussion amongst the netizens.

"Both of us like the same genre of music, the same kind of food, for example mixed rice and dumplings. However, after the end of the shoot, we seldom contact each other as everyone was busy. Really hope that we will have a chance to meet up after I go back home this time round," she explained.

Claimed to be innocent and sexy at the same time, Lee hopes she can try other roles rather than getting stuck with "goody-two-shoes" roles. She hopes to dabble in comedies or horror flicks if given a chance and wishes to challenge roles with stronger characteristics or roles that will allow her to reveal her dark side.

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