Monday, June 01, 2009

Lee Min Ho: a magician???

So if you look at the video, Lee Min Ho is turning a scarf in to a stick. I wonder what he is practicing for. Maybe another CF? What do you think?

Spying on Min Ho

He is so narcissistic but we can't help but love

credits:maymay2711, as labelled


  1. I'm over BOF. But I'm still not over lee min ho. I've become crazier about him. That's smile is killing me. I know he is so narcissistic! But don't we all love it?!

  2. yea, i meant it too.. man, i'm crazy bout him like he's jus the only one that makes me watch youtube everyday! hell damn!

  3. yeah!!i watch youtube just for him :D
    his smile make me stop

  4. I know.I feel the same way.
    He is slowly killing us with his hotness.XD