Sunday, June 07, 2009

Doll-like Ku Hye Sun

This is a sneak peek on her new CF.
I think she looks like a precious, delicate doll.(MinHo's doll to be exact.jk..:))

She is really gorgeous with her porcelain white skin. I envy

credits: as labelled,soompi


  1. Awww! She's so VERY VERY PRETTY!

  2. oh is this min ho's gf?

  3. omg how come goo hye sun look like me i thought i was just dreaming when i saw her the difference bet. her and me she is just too white and me not so white but our faces is to a like when my sister told that the main girl of bbf is look like me they stop looking it lol and its my honor to have a look a like, especially her cuz she is great.i love her anyway she has outstanding work.Even when my husband saw her he sayas its my twin hahahaha

  4. she's very2 cute like a doll ( barbie )
    nd she's smart...i like her..