Sunday, June 21, 2009

'Boys Over Flowers' star requires daily hospital treatments after over-exhaustion

SEOUL : South Korean star Kim Hyun Joong has been making daily visits to the hospital for treatment after suffering from over-exhaustion, his spokesman said.

He also denied Korean media reports that Kim, who stars in the hit drama series "Boys Over Flowers", was hospitalised for a week.

"The reports stating that Kim was admitted to hospital were untrue. He was showing signs of discomfort in the waist and flu symptoms so we sent him to the hospital to receive medical treatments from the hospital. Apparently, there has been some sort of misunderstanding in the reports," he said.

Kim, who is a member of the popular Korean pop group SS501, was sent to the hospital on June 8 and was discharged the same day. The Korean star is now recuperating at home but is still required to report to the hospital for his treatments.

Kim debut as the leader of SS501 in 2005 but it was his role as the temperamental Rui Hanazawa in "Boys Over Flowers", the Korean adaptation of the popular Japanese manga "Hana Yori Dango", that made him a household name.

Meanwhile, SS501's plans to perform in Thailand have been put on hold. The band's representatives said this was due to issues with flight arrangements and has nothing to do with Kim's health.

The group were scheduled to be in Thailand from June 8-10 but the concert is now expected to take place in August.

source: channelnewsasia - CNA/fa

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