Friday, May 22, 2009

Just a few questions...

1.) Should I buy a domain name? (BOF-related or KPop-related)
2.) You have any suggestion for a domain name?
3.) Should I change the theme of this blog -- example: adding more Korean cuties (not just BOF related)
4. What do you want to see in this blog?


  1. All about BOF. This is the only blog that I look at for updates related to BOF. I have a feeling these information will be on-going for a long time. It is barely being seen in different areas around the world. If you put anything else, people will no longer be interested. Your title is also eyecatching that you can't almost miss it. I noticed how fans have been very upset when videos are inadvertently posted on the BOF channel in Please do not do anything different.

  2. I want to find some stuff related to BOF. That would be great if you continue to do this. It doesn't matter that BOF finished, but fans like us still like to read some information related to actor and actress.
    Thanks so much for your works!

  3. jz remain it will b fine ... i wud prefer related abt BOF. if add other things will b too much n mayb some news dun attract me ... i oso agree wif those ppl who has posted the comments ... the title is ok, the 1st time i visit tis blog is bcz of the title n oni related abt BOF. actually u oso very fast share the info wif us. u haf did well !!!

  4. I think that there are already a lot of K-pop sites out there, and their content doesn't differ much. You focus on the BBF actors, and update very often, which is good.

  5. Aight! Let's continue feeding our addiction :) NO changes will be made. ^_^

  6. boysbeforeflowersfanAugust 17, 2009 at 3:30 PM

    i think this website is pefert cause if u change it i don't think i can find things about them anymore hehe.. i always come to this website to see any news about the f4 hehe