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Goo Hye Sun: Music that She Seeks to Enjoy in Her Time Off [March 30, 2009]

Goo Hye Sun: Music that She Seeks to Enjoy in Her Time Off Reported by Kang Myung Suk ( on March 30, 2009

An actor's resume #1:an internet ulzzang; a youth-oriented sitcom graduate; a singing program MC; currently a leading actor in a most popular drama.

An actor's resume #2: a leading female actor using Yanbin accent and who moved a daily drama to new and different levels; only slightly over 20 years old holding up a hefty headdress to play a tragic historical figure spanning from her wedding to her own death; written about 100 of her own musical composition Goo Hye Sun has surpassed everybody's expectation of her. Who would have thought she would challenge herself to try such diverse roles and projects ranging from being an MC to comedy to drama to historical drama.

"This is the ideal time for me to do my best to learn and sharpen my craft as an actress. I must face the difficulties and challenges now. There may not be any opportunity later."
It did not take the public long to find out how correct she was with her decisions and choices.

As noted above, at 25, Goo Hye Sun has a resume of diverse filmography. KBS' Boys Over Flowers is a result of accumulation of her diverse experience as an actor and performer.

"I have gained from my work experience the joy and satisfaction of getting along and collaborating with my acting peers and the importance of creating safe harmony in order to make the best drama possible together."

"I do not think it is that important to compare which actor is receiving more attention or not. I think of myself as a F4 fan and do my part as best as I can. ha ha."
Also, the outpouring interest in Boys Over Flowers is directing the viewers' attention to Goo Hye Sun's yet other talents.

We become aware of her singing ability as evidenced by her performance many years ago at an end-of-the-year award ceremony where she performed in the musical GREASE. She also has directed a short film called Cheerful Caretaker. We also find out that she herself wrote the script and composed the music for her short film.

Someday, Goo Hye Sun hopes to make an album of her compositions. But, for now, she wants to fully and satisfactorily complete all the work related to Boys Over Flowers. S

o, here is Goo Hye Sun's playlist. These are the list of music/songs that she listens to in her time off or on vacation.

1. Jason Mraz - "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things"

"To call it "cool" is not quite correct.I think of it more as music that "empties" 1%. I like that it does not emphasize too much of one emotion whether it is happy or sad. His music opens up for me this 1% space that I can freely enter to become engrossed in my own thoughts. Of course, I also enjoy listening to music that makes me fall deeply into the artist-created emotion, but I also think it enjoyable to listen to music that gives me the space to observe my own feelings and thoughts. Jason Mraz' "we sing, we dance, we steal things" has a feel of "pop", but it is also a balanced mixture of different yet detailed musical genres that relax and comfort the listener."
This extraordinary musician may actually provide Goo Hye Sun with the best vacation-like break when she must digest and deal with the tight and hectic schedule. GHS recommends Jason Mraz' "lucky" as the best track to give her that 1% room to be in her own soothing space.

2. Maroon 5 "songs about Jane"

This album is very popular in Korea. During her middle school years, GHS was part of a band that used to copy the Rollercoaster Band (?).

"At that time, I dreamed of becoming a professional musician. Even then, I loved music that combines various genres so well that music is processed naturally by the listeners. Maroon 5 is one such band. Again, you hear the wonderful balance of rock, blues, funk and pop. Not one type overwhelms another and you feel relaxed"
She enjoys not only the popular "this love", but most of all, "she will be loved". Her reason is that the even mixture of funk, blues, and the "black sound" makes the composition indistinct and yet increases and stimulates the listener's sensibility.

3. Nell's "Let's Take a Walk"

GHS' third choice is Nell's newly rearranged "Let's Take A Walk" album. Even the title offers a promise of time off. This album is different than others because it focuses on the acoustics sound and its melody stimulates the senses.

"I was surprised when I heard this new arrangement. I love Nell but I was even clearer as to why. I could just hear and sense what Nell may feel when depressed. I listen to it once in a while to just get into my own inner space."
Above all, she loves "good night" in the album. She recommends listening to the original version and then listening to the new arrangement and perhaps the listener will hear what she hears. 4. Jack Johnson's "Sleep Through the Static" Johnson is a famous surfer, environmental activist, distinguished military person. He records his music in a studio energized by the solar power. His music is equivalent to nature and relaxation.
"If I were to go on vacation and maybe to an island, I think I will be listening to his album while looking up at the night sky. There are tons of songs out there to enjoy on a vacation. However, Jack Jackson's music makes you feel like you are in the middle of the nature. You can almost feel the wind, sound of the ocean, and I can think more clearly. You feel the immense peace and vivid colors."
In a world that contains over stimulation, GHS chooses music that under stimulates and provide consolation. She especially loves "All at Once" in the album.

5. Lee Sora's "Sora's Diary"
"Ms. Lee Sora is one of the best female vocalists. But I also want people to know that she is one of the best female producers."
GHS' 5th choice for music to enjoy during a break is "Sora's Diary". Whenever she gets a break from acting, GHS loves working on her music. Also, Lee Sora is one of GHS' role models. Among all the musicians in Korea, Lee Sora is one amazing vocalist and producer who reflect in her music her whole self and emotion so very clearly.
"Going on vacation does not only mean resting. Ultimately it is also a time to carefully reflect on oneself. Lee Sora's album helps me to reflect on myself. Among her songs, I truly love "Sharry". As I work on my own songs and music, I hope to write my own diary. Of course, I cannot say how well I can do that. (laughter)"
"I feel that music is like a tree's annual ring. I do not play music so that I want to hear people's praise. I have been playing music since very young age. Music represents for me the development of who I am becoming. Who I am today, like the annual tree ring. Even if I do not release an album, I will continue to work on and play my music. But if do get the opportunity to produce an album, I hope to insert few songs that hopefully both the public and I may feel the affinity and connection."
GHS has moved from an internet ulzzang to an acknowledged actress to now a musician. She always seems to be moving into unexpected direction and goals. As a musician, I wonder what we can expect to hear? I hope to soon hear her music that would symbolize her next annual tree ring.

credit: susAmerica@soompi for translations


  1. so pretty! I really like her accent, especially when she was yelling & shouting at Gu Jun Pyo. LOL...

  2. Her personality can varies into soemthing else. From Classy to an ordinary lady. She is a person who has goals in life. She doesnt limit her talent in one areas. She loves to venture on things that could make herself more progressvive. Will support you all the GHS. From your Philippines loyal fans