Saturday, May 23, 2009

F4 Photos + Head to Head Match Between Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong

Head to Head

Who's hotter? Who would you choose?

credit: baidu/soompi


  1. cant choose who is hotter but both oso gt nice smile n melt every girls' hearts

  2. true anonymous.. but still.. for me.. Kim Hyun Joong is the hottest! WoooOOooo! :D

  3. this is hard.XD
    but i think i would have to choose KHJ b/c i like his personality and he always has perfect

    I only really like LMH when he's like GJP.

  4. yeah rite!!! khj the hottest ^_^

  5. I'm more of Lee Min Ho's fan. KHJ is gorgeously handsome. No doubt about it.Based on these pictures, KHJ is more stylish and hotter.

  6. They are equally hot in their own way. If LMH didn't wear pastal white make up in this pix, LMH would have been Hotter. KHJ has perfect makeup and hair. So he looks hotter in these pix. LMH should fire his makeup artist that keeps giving him white makeup. He is tall and dark. That's what make him manly and handsome famous GJP.

  7. kim joon looks tired...
    poor him....
    luv kim joon...

  8. OMG!
    min hoo is gaining weight?
    he looks so chubby there..