Thursday, April 09, 2009

Lee Min Ho: Next CF is Pepsi Cola

Following the money trail of his Japanese (Tsukasa Domyoji ) and Taiwanese (Dao Ming Si ) counterparts, Lee Minho is the new face for “Nex” Pepsi cola.

Hoping to ride the popularity of “Boys over Flowers” (even though it’s over), Pepsi has locked in a short 6 month contract worth hundreds of millions of won for the hot commodity. And in a country where Coca Cola is everywhere, they need the help.

Watch out for the Pepsi commercial soon.

Lee Minho will be in Japan on the 16th to promote the airing of “Boys over flowers.”

credit: popseoul

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  1. bof will be aired also in the Philippines...
    hope he will be in PH to promote his drama