Thursday, April 09, 2009

Koo Hye Sun: Enjoying Sales of her 1st Novel

Actress Koo Hye-sun, who played Geum Jan-di in a hit drama, “Boys over Flowers,” is enjoying brisk sales of her first novel, “Tango.” First published on April 1st, Koo’s debut fiction has already sold 30 thousand copies and gone into seventh printing. This is an amazing sales record, given that it’s her first novel.

“Tango” is an illustrated fiction that features a woman in her 20s, who grows emotionally by falling in love and breaking up. Book critics and readers commented that Koo’s realistic description of the girl’s psychological and emotional upheavals made the character is easy to identify with. The actress reportedly worked very hard on the novel, asking first for her laptop, which contained the manuscript, even when she was in a car accident.

source: KBSWorld

credit: pinoyexchange (photos)


  1. she's such a talented artist!

  2. OMG..
    i wish i could read and understand korean..
    i'm stunned and somekind hooked by her novel then..
    what a fascinating sketches..
    i love the sketches..i wish i'm able to read it..
    and from the info i knew..the title tango was taken from a song "tango" by ryuichi sakamoto..
    i heard the song already...
    sense of mysterious..

  3. Wow, the illustrations look interesting. I want a copy of her book even though I wouldn't be able to understand it.