Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Boys Over Flowers Special Episode [Deleted]

According to KBites:

The drama ended with Goo Joon Pyo finding back his memory successfully. And JanDi made it into a medical college, proving to be a strong ‘weed’, together with Yoon Ji Hoo; So Yi Jung and Sung WooBin also had their own happy ending. This can be said to be a ‘happy ending all the way’.

And the happy ending also brought the viewers to the propose from Joon Pyo to JanDi, leaving the sweetest moments for viewers who has been quite irritated by the love-and-then-leave-again relationship.

Also a special episode of the drama will also be aired 1 week from the last 25th episode.

Wow! I'm so excited. So it's not over yet. If this is true and not just some April Fool's Joke then there might be a wedding afterall. Yipeeee! I can't wait for whatever Special episode this is. With fingers crossed, I hope it's not just some interview. LoL.


  1. right there with u.
    i want the wedding and more scenes w/ ga eul and yi jung. also, they didnt have a scene as to wat woo bin is gonna do w/ his life,etc..

    can't get enough

  2. i will be so heartbroken if it's a lie.
    and PLEASE not be an interview. if it's an interview all this buildup will be for nothing. please please please show a WEDDING and YJ<3GE..and JH and WB finding a girl!
    but the cast hasnt been seen shooting more scenes yet has it?

  3. i agreeeeeeeeeeeee... it should be a special episode and not only behind scenes but the after math of what happened to the lovers and what is the say of the parents of JH and JD for the proposal.

  4. Like u said I hope it's not an april's fool joke, and that they'll put another great episode , about their wedding or older with kids and all!!they must do a 3rd season with the same characters (not like goong princess hours and the other show that came after it with a diff plot/characters(>_<)) if not i'm going to miss this show snif T_T

  5. I´m so sad that Ji Hoo still loves Jan Di, he is still there for her and she still accepts his help even knowing he loves her and she can´t accept his love, I think she is selfish. How come for God sake!!!! she didn´t fell in love with Ji Hoo after 3 years of studying medicine with him. I´m so sad cause I really believed Ji Hoo was her soul mate and now he will be all alone after JanDi and jOON Pyo get married.
    I think it´s an unfinished ending and I´m not satisfied. I want a girl for Ji Hoo if Jan Di can´t be with him.

  6. i really really really hope that this is not some april fool's joke.........i would really love to see a happy ending for all of them. i was not satisfied with the ending. I demand a wedding for Jan Di and Jun Pyo, it's unfair that they showed Jae Kyung's wedding, eventhough it never happened, but for the SoEul couple, i really want to see more of their relationship, how will it develop and more moments.........for Ji Hoo, i feel bad for him because he didn't get Jan Di and his grandfather died, so i want the director/writers to write a happy ending for him, give him a girl like Jan Di to love......and for Woo Bin, i hope he also gets a girl..........

    oh and is it true that the season 2 is gonna be aired next february??????? i just read it on, i hope it's true along with this special :)

  7. This special episode had better have a SoEul kiss already! T_T

  8. There has to be a big wedding because, a rich, wealthy, educated heir, who is that position now, should show-case his wedding to Korea because it's just Goo Jun Pyo! to go out in style!...

    K-HYD should show off their pretty lead Flower boy to the whole world. And make their BBF Drama second to None....

    Let Jan Di Dress in a traditional Korean Costume and later in a lavish gown she had modelled before.....

    and do not edit the kiss please...they are now adults not HS anymore.

    Writer, you director can noe REDEEM yourselves..

  9. Read in KP Culture that the special is an April Fool's day joke. There is no special next week.

  10. It was a TERRIBLE april fool's joke coz it was posted march 31st. :'(

  11. theres a special coming up. are you serious? its on april 28th 2009. go search it for proof if you want.

  12. I hope a wedding happens to Jun Pyo and Jan Di, because I don't even know if Jan Di even gave a hint that she might have said yes or no to Jun Pyo's proposal in the last episode??? Soo my hopes are up for Boys over Flowers! =]