Monday, March 30, 2009

Ultimate Spoiler

~Update: [Click here to Watch the Finale/Episode 25]

According to KPCulture... (Highlight to read text)
  • Jun Pyo appears on a talkshow. He is on the show as a guest after leading Shin-hwa to success. Supposedly, the host asks him about marriage plans, and Jun Pyo responds that he has someone in mind.
  • Yi Jeong returns to Korea after studying abroad in Sweden. He goes to find Ga Eul, who is teaching at a kindergarten. Before leaving four years earlier, he had told Ga Eul, “If you haven’t found a soulmate by the time I return in four years - you’ll be the first person I visit.”
  • Eyewitnesses are claiming that the boy who plays the young Gu Jun Pyo was one of the children at Ga Eul’s workplace, but had straight hair instead of curls. (KP’s note: We’re not quite sure why they used the same child actor for a different role. He’s too old to be Jun Pyo and Jan Di’s child, so don’t get your hopes up. ^^)
  • Ji Hu’s grandfather might be deceased by this time. He was actually supposed to die earlier because he was in the last stage of cancer (according to the KBS description). However, they felt that Ji Hu’s life would be too pathetic losing so much at once, so they changed it to a heart condition.
  • Ji Hu is becoming a doctor like his grandfather. He was seen hugging a girl (that didn’t look familiar).
  • Jan Di is becoming a doctor.
  • Jun Pyo kneels in front of Jan Di, holding a ring. Before she can respond, F3 comes up and interrupts. Ji Hu says, “I object to the decision.” Yi Jeong chimes in, “I do too.” Woo Bin adds, “Me too…. How can you do this without asking our permission?” Jun Pyo and Jan Di look at them and smile, while Jun Pyo embraces her in his arms.

credits: KPCulture


  1. wow !i'm so's joondi ending.i can't wait for last ep.

  2. i love goo geum..:].. happy ending..

  3. OH MY GOD ! I'm so happy ! Jan di and Joon pyo happy together, Ji hoo is happy too and Ga eul and Yi jung together too (?)
    I CAN'T WAIT !!! Joon pyo is so cute <3

  4. OMGEE! really?!?!?! man i can't wait!!

  5. so that 24 or 25 episode????