Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spoiler for Episode 22 & 23

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  • Five people - Jae Gyeong, F3, and Ga Eul - speak up and object to the marriage during the ceremony. The objections were not planned - once Jae Gyeong objects first, the rest follow on impulse.
  • There’s a specific reason that Jun Pyo HAD to go ahead with the ceremony. It is the same reason that Jan Di WAS NOT at the wedding. There’s also a specific reason why Jae Gyeong refused to comply with Jun Pyo’s request (when he begged her to cancel the wedding the night before).
  • After the wedding ceremony falls apart, Ga Eul is touched by the turn of events and sobs.
  • Ga Eul believes in happy endings, but Yi Jeong says that he doesn’t.
  • Jun Pyo and Jan Di reunite on a yacht. He hugs her tightly.
  • During the couple’s night together, they waltz, look at stars with binoculars, talk about his father, share a kiss, and smile a lot for no reason. Jun Pyo says, “I love you”. They sleep in separate single rooms.
  • Jae Gyeong approaches Ji Hu as he’s horseback riding. As she hands back Jan Di’s necklace to Ji Hu, Jae Gyeong tells him that she had hoped the J♡J stood for Ji Hu ♡ Jan Di.
  • Jae Gyeong leaves for New York, carrying the shoes [left on the ground by Jun Pyo] that she picked up at the airport in Macau.
  • Due to Jae Gyeong and Jun Pyo’s split, their respective companies are no longer carrying on with their business deal. As Shin-hwa’s stock prices fall, Chairwoman Kang seeks out Jan Di and threatens her. At that moment, Ji Hu’s grandfather appears and helps Jan Di out. However, this event inspires Chairwoman Kang to change her tactics. In the end, she hurts Jan Di greatly.
  • Jun Pyo is informed by the Chairwoman’s secretary that Ji Hu’s grandfather has invited Jan Di to stay at the Yoon residence.
  • Woo Bin helps Jun Pyo escape from his house, but they are chased by the Gu household security. However, the Song security defends them so that Jun Pyo can make a safe escape to meet Jan Di.
  • Jun Pyo calls Jan Di to come out on a date at the zoo, and she shows up with a young boy! The child is the son of a patient at the clinic [she volunteers at], and she had volunteered to watch over him for a bit. At first, Jun Pyo was displeased, but he then ended up enjoying the time with the little boy. A disaster then occurs at the hands of Chairwoman Kang.
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