Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Message for Kim Hyun joong: from a newspaper addition "High Cut.

Hyunjoong, when you were first cased it you said you wanted to concentrated more on music. However we thought it was a great opportunity and suggested acting, thus we are so happy to see you transform from singer KHJ to actor KHJ. I am very proud of you.

It must be very hard for you to learn violin, car racing, horeback riding, golf and so many other things in such short period of time. I am very proud and confident of you slowly opening your eyes in acting by learning things one by one.

Although you are so busy with your schedule, I was very impressed by your responsibility as a leader of SS501. Before you went overseas you took care of Jungmin by visiting him during the musical, and you became a dancer for 301 performances. It was such a touching sight to see. You also mentioned that your commitment to SS501 as a group member became a lot stronger while you were doing acting. You know SS501's concept is "Evolving Idol Group," right? I am very happy and even feel accomplished watching over you and other members, in the process of fulfilling your dreams. I pray that your life as 'all around player' will be must brighter in the future

- Lee Ho Yeon, President of DSP Entertainment

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  1. huwow.. what a great words of wisdom , thanks and a driving force for kim hyun joong. His really a talented guy:D

  2. well, i thnk hyun joong will be touched by your worlds...
    he's really is a prince....