Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kim HyunJoong Reveals his Special Gift for his Fans

At the peak of his popularity, SS501 ‘Flower Boy’ Kim Hyun Joong reveals the gift that he had announced previously. Kim Hyun Joong left a message ‘This is the gift that I’ve mentioned’ at his official homepage and also uploaded a video with the messages ‘Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo’ and ’31-Mar, 9pm at Olympic Hall’.

Kim Hyun Joong is preparing to watch the last episode of KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’ to be broadcasted on 31-Mar with his fans.

His gift for fans is to watch the last episode together as a group. In order to be able to watch the last episode together with his fans, Kim Hyun Joong plans to invite about 4,000 fans to fill the Olympic Hall at Seoul Olympic Park. The event will start at 9pm, 1 hour before the broadcast, with Kim Hyun Joong singing ‘Because I am Stupid’ which is a song from ‘Boys Over Flowers’ OST that garnered a lot of love for it.

Besides Kim Hyun Joong, all SS501 members namely Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min & Kim Hyung Joon, will be attending this event on that day.

Kim Hyun Joong hinted for this special gift when he left a message at his fanclub homepage on white day, 14-Mar, which also includes a photo of rings made from sweets.

Kim Hyun Joong wrote in his message “Just wait and see. I will return soon with a bigger gift than sweets. To people who are having tough times at work, difficult times in school, our cute ahjumma who are rolling at home. The gift is free. I want to use the money I earn to buy you something.”

Fans responded enthusiastically and are waiting for the gift mentioned in Kim Hyun Joong’s message that he will return with a gift for fans with his hard-earned money.

In fact, Kim Hyun Joong paid for this event at Olympic hall on his own expense, and his fans are very touched when they found out about it.

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  1. i wanna gooooo!

    what about his fans in america huh???


    he's so awesome.

  2. i oso 1 2 attend ... too bad i'm nt frm korea ... i 2 hear Kim Hyun Joong singing ‘Because I am Stupid’ ... nt oni tat, i oso 1 2 c ss501 members too

  3. are you gonna go to this? u r close to seoul so the plane ticket and all that won't cost that much.

    I really wanna go but i'm too broke. Chicago is too far..:(

  4. aww. so sweet of him.
    but i cant go..
    all the way on the other side of the world :(

  5. yah so sweet..
    sadness the bbf will end now.
    I wish they add more season
    I think we should start a petition already for the more bbf season..