Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong Is Confused

"Now that its nearing the end, I am not even sure if I am acting or not (can't distinguish reality from acting), I feel a bit empty".

On this afternoon, Kim Hyun Joong (23) was being interviewed at an outdoor filming location for KBS2TV Boys Before Flowers. Seeing Hyun Joong, you can't help but feel that he looks a bit weak physically and mentally drained. When asked about what's the 3 most unbearable things he experienced while filming, Hyun Joong expressed without hesistation, "cold", "lack of sleep", "hunger", showing how much suffering he is going through.

Whilst filming in Macau, he lost about 8kg but has now regained 2kg back. Not long ago, he was even "scolded" as his legs turned to jelly while doing a dance.This prompted him to set a resolution to work himself even harder while exercising in future.

The continuous overnight filming sessions plus tight personal schedule has made Hyun Joong's lifestyle become rather irregular and making his fans really worried for his health. But with the drama coming to a conclusion next week, Hyun Joong only muttered "Not bad" to express his feelings. Having already adjusted to the tight and stressful schedule over the past few months, the drama conclusion is starting to make him feel kind of empty (lost)."

credit: allkpop


  1. I think he will miss the BOYS and especially Goo Hye Sun, who he had spent almost 75% of his air time with.Hope he and GHS will appear in another drama, this time with a happy ending.I am a Ji Hoo fan now, more than a Jun Pyo fan.He and Jan Di looks cute together.

  2. well, i thnk dats the price he has to pay for playing ji hoo...
    but looking at how people loved ji hoo's character i thnk its worth it..
    hyun joong has a lot of good feedbacks plus many people love him more than jun pyo...
    thats not too bad...

  3. no matter how much weight hyun joong lose i wud still love him....