Monday, March 23, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong & The 15Million Korean Won Helmet

You will never guess how much this helmet cost.

The price of the helmet that Yoon Ji Hoon, played by Kim Hyun Joong, wear while he rides on the motorbike in the drama Boys Over Flowers was revealed. The price of the helmet is 15 million KRW.

This was revealed by one of Kim Hyun Joong’s representative, “The helmet that he wore in the show costs 15 million KRW. It is really expensive.”

With regard to the recent heated discussion by netizens when they found it funny that Hyun Joong would talk on the phone with the phone outside the helmet, the representative responded, “Actually you can talk on the phone with the helmet on. This has been a great curiosity for those viewers who are not familiar motorbike equipment.”



  1. I wonder what it is that makes the helmet so expensive.

  2. i think that you can talk using the helmet..
    And i think its light also..
    ITs so expensiveeeeeeeeeee... 15 million won.
    this drama is so expensive

  3.'s true..we can talk with helmet put on our head..most are the light but tough helmets..
    my big bro have one kind of this helmet..but it's not this expensive..hihihihi