Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jihoo's Abode: Palace

Millenium Palace Resort & Spa; Ragung palace (located in Gyeongju)

After watching the KBS popular drama, “Boys Over Flowers”, netizens have been wondering about this place, where Yoon Ji Hoo, the grandson of the former Korean president resides. This resort & spa, includes a hotel in City of Hanok, which is located in Gyeongju. It was first created and inspired by the Shilla dynasty period, completed in April 2007, and has been established for tourism ever since.

Ragung palace, lobby entrace. Located in Gyeongsangbuk-do, Gyeongju sinpyeongdong. A modern hotel premise concept mix with a traditional Korean house architectural. It has 2 floors, and a basement, with about 16 rooms, plus restaurant and lounge. The rooms have independent access to the backyard, which designed as a part of its structure. One in particular is the artificial pond on the rear front. Each of the rooms has the corridor connecting to the administrative wing.

X's: Wow! This place is really great. Very nice architectural designs. Lucky Ji Hoo coz he've stayed in such place even though it's just in the drama. *_*

credit: youcapturedme

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  1. the place is so great,.
    I want to stay there,,
    that is fabulous..