Thursday, March 26, 2009

I want one of these!

These rubber dolls are so cute leh... If I can only grab one of those... lolz
*hope they'll sell them in the philippines. ^_^ maybe soon

credit: scentofyours + as labelled


  1. I want those too.
    U r so lucky that u r close to South Korea so it can get to u faster.

    I wonder if people are selling them on ebay.

  2. goodness, this is so CUTE!! XD - gene

  3. OMG...where can i get those dolls?!? they are the cutest!

  4. soo cute the rubber dolls ... oni F4 dolls? hw abt jandi doll ... i oso wish 2 get those ... r those socks? if they make those as handphone bags, i think many ppl oso 1 2 haf it

  5. I found someone selling the socks on Ebay
    here's the link:

    BOF Socks