Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo

Kim Hyunjoong, who made the transition from singer to actor through KBS 2TV’s drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, takes on the role as someone strange but capable of giving innocent love- ‘Yoon Ji Hoo’

Yoon Ji Hoo led a lonely life in the world after losing both his parents and F4 are the only friends in his life. He then meets the girl his best friend Gu Jun Pyo loves – Geum Jan Di. His character has captured the hearts of many female viewers through his protection of Geum Jan Di.

Especially so since many of the viewers long for the kind of romance fantasy that Kim Hyunjoong brings to life through Yoon Ji Hoo in the drama with his sweet lines.

Kim Hyunjoong recently revealed through an interview with KBS that the Yoon Ji Hoo lines that make his hands and feet curl are “The hotcakes aren’t rising” “As long as you have a white sail and wind, you can go anywhere” “I can’t sit in the economy class as my legs are too long”. He also added that “Actually I don’t really eat hotcakes. I only found out that hotcakes were like bread through the filming”

When asked what he will do if his parents object to the marriage like Gu Jun Pyo’s parents in the drama, he said “I believe that if I persuade them convincingly, I can do it” “Even if my parents object, I want to be a person that can protect the one I love”.

After the filming, Kim Hyunjoong will return as a singer and is preparing for their Asia tour in July and a comeback showcase

Translated by: Sparkskey@Quainte501
Credits: Newsen+SS601+Rina@youcapturedme


  1. huhuhu goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yoon JI......
    I will totally miss those eyes those smiles and those bangs of yours..
    MAny people already learned to love him..

  2. In real life , Kim Hyunjoong is no where near as pleasant as Ji Hoo. So if you're a girl hoping that he is like Ji Hoo, give hoping, or else you're going to get sick.

  3. Actually, have you seen We Got Married? Check it out.

    HJ might not be as shiny and princely as JH, but that's because JH is a fictional character created to represent perfection. In reality, HJ's just as awesome, because he is more real, and charming in different ways.

  4. While playing the role of Ji Hoo, I absolutely fell in love with how gentle and sweet he was to Jan Di.

    Every girl would kill for a guy like Ji Hoo(: