Sunday, March 22, 2009

Goo Hye Sun: Back in the Hospital

On the 19th, Goo Hye Sun used her break time in between filming to go to the hospital. Originally, she was supposed have several visits to the hospital, but it was pushed back due to the filming. When she finally went, she received a check up and treatment.

The reason for the hospital visit is due to aftereffects of her car accident a few weeks ago. After the accident, Goo Hye Sun received stitches for a tear in her mouth region. But they still have to worry about internal injuries as well as external ones. Though it may not show on the outside, the probability of damage to the bones and organs was high. The representatives explained that, though Goo Hye Sun spent four days in the hospital, she is still not in the best condition. The staff and representatives held her back, but she put acting first and returned to set.

However, she ended up having to go back to the hospital. Due to the busy filming schedule, Goo Hye Sun barely has time to rest, let alone go to the hospital. She hasn’t had time to take care of herself, and not getting treatment was not much help. After getting treated for the aftereffects of the accident and side effects of antibiotics, Goo Hye Sun returned to filming.

After she returned, she didn’t act any different from her usual self. She continued to film with laughter and generosity(?).

An associate of Goo Hye Sun stated, “Goo Hye Sun doesn’t say much about her condition to anyone. Since a few days ago, her condition has been getting pretty bad so we decided to go to the hospital on the 20th.

“After the filming is over, we plan to have her get a more official examination.”

Source : Yahoo Korea written by: 김형우
translated by: dunlop09 @


  1. Hopefully she is all good.
    Wouldn't want BBF to be pushed back.the angst in waiting..hate.

  2. she should really to take a rest.
    ANd her pretty smile.. should not be taken away from her