Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boys Over Flowers Cast: Off to the Hospital After Filming Ends

After the filming for KBS drama Boys Over Flowers ends, the main cast for the drama will all make a visit to the hospital.

The first one will be ‘Korea’s Sunbae’ Kim Hyun Joong. During the first half the drama’s filming, Kim Hyun Joong has met with an car accident, but because the filming schedule was tight back then, he had refused the complete treatment, so after the filming ends, he will have complete treatment for his injuries.

His representative said,”He will be hospitalised from beginning of April. He will undergo treatment and close examination for his accident back then, and also have enough rest from the busy filming. He may be hospitalised for as long as a month.”

“He complaint that discomfort at his waist area and he couldn’t walk properly after the accident. He will undergo complete treatment so that the injury will not hinder his promotional activities as a singer.”

While for Lee Min Ho, he will also be hospitalised mid-May to undergo a surgery to remove the metal support frame in his leg.

His representative said, “After his London photoshoot and Japanese activities end, he will be hospitalised to undergo the surgery. And then he will hold a birthday party cum fanmeeting in June.”

There are also plans for a full-body examination for Goo Hye Sun, who had her lips sewed after a car accident during filming.

Her representative said, “Her lips had swelled a lot. And with the accumulation of fatigue from her previous activities in the past years and also the car accident this time during filming, this will be a good chance for her to go for a full-body check up. We will want to check if there is anything not right about her healthy at all.”

source: kBites


  1. I hope they'll all be okay in the end, and that the filming of the remaining episodes is accident-free.

  2. the cast of the bof are really in the danger..
    They had a lot of worries in their health I wish them good health..
    And surpass ol dis things..