Thursday, March 19, 2009

Boys Over Flowers Cast: Behind the Scenes

A series of Boys Over Flowers cast selca were released and it has raised the interests of the netizens as we are brought to see the real and cute sides of the BOF cast throughout their one day of filming.

With the filming starting at dawn, lunch will be at 11am. Entering the restaurant, not caring about what would come to the table, director would shout, “Ajumma, bring what is the fastest food here, thanks!”

Lee Min Ho, who has been working overnight for 2 days, will finish up his food quickly and doze off in his seat. The truth is that, with the filming schedule tightened up these days, the cast normally are not able to finish their food. Actually the cast would look forward to that little power nap during meal time than the food itself, be it only just 5 minutes.

This has also had the F4 members losing 5kg during the course of filming for the drama. But still, the scene of the goodlooking F4 eating and dozing at the restuarant has roused many passers’-by attention.

Going back to the filming, fans can be seen everywhere. Sometimes it gets as serious as having 4000 fans present at the filming scene hoping to get a glimpse of their idols. They would also need up to 100 police officers around to keep the situation under control.

But with the filming starting again, the cast are back with energy and vibe. During short breaks between filming, they would pose and play around in front of cameras around.

source: kbites


  1. ha ha ha!! so cute!

  2. so glad 2 c them having fun during short breaks between filming

  3. I'm happy that they are happy!!
    Pray to God that they'll get reward this year for this drama!!XD

  4. ganda kakaadik whahaha ang cute nla kakakilig

  5. sna pmunta cla d2 s philippines