Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Additional Cast for Boys Over Flowers

New actress Kim Min Ji as been selected to play the character known as Umi in the original version of ‘Boys Over Flowers.’

The BOF production company revealed to the Asian Economic Daily news over the phone that, “Kim Min Ji has been decided upon to play the character known as Umi in the Japanese version and she will make her appearance on the 30th in Episode 24 uptil the 25th episode.”

Kim Min Ji was recently in the KBS drama, Empress Cheon Chu and now in BOF she will aid Goo Jun Pyo who loses his memory and ultimately cause a rift between him and Geum Jandi acting as the part of Umi.

In the meantime, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ will end it’s run with the 25th episode to be broadcast on March 31st.

Source: Asia Economic Daily


  1. Oh no... and how are they going to fit all the "memory loss" cliche into the last 2 episodes? Is it a chance for Jan Di to go out and "actively" claim Jun Pyo? But then that takes away Jun Pyo's chance to do more for her as well!

    And I'm still curious as what Ga-eul is trying to find for Yi-jung. How will that help Yi-jung (and Ga-eul) at all?

  2. she's pretty but i hate that they have to do this.
    JP better

  3. shes pretttttttty..
    Korean are really good in making things fast

  4. i cant believe tht they can fit so many things in the last 2 episodes.. scary :S .. can i just demand a simple and happy ending tht's it? gosh >_<

  5. Although she's pretty, I already hate her. I mean I really hate her character so looking at her and reading this is really like "urgh!" And come on why Mr. PD?? w/ such 2 episodes left. It is such a cliche (really!!). And the rumors that ep. 25 is like years after ep. 24?? What is that!!?? So much drama!!

    All I can say now is, I really hope for a better ending for Goo JunPyo-Geum JanDi Couple [they've been through a lot]! And (of course, my fave) So YiJung-Chu GaEul Couple!!!! ~.~